Stephen Trebilcock

Stephen held his first solo exhibition in 1990 and in 1993 he was awarded a travelling scholarship to Europe, where he completed a course of study at the Slade School of Art in London. Time spent in Venice also had a great impact on him, and the result of this travel is the classical and timeless appeal that Stephen's work possesses. Stephen's work does not focus on the vast panoramic scenery of the Australian landscape, so often depicted by our painters; his world is more immediate and intimate.


From a childhood surrounded by orchards, it is the introduced European fruits and vegetables and Australian native flora that captures Stephen's attention. His images possess a biblical abundance, whilst noting also the imperfections or blemishes that reflect the reality of everyday life. The attributes of these engaging images are the rich palette, robust forms and textured paintwork that animate his vision. As a vegetarian and passionate horticulturalist, this is Stephen's milieu; painting and life are closely intertwined. In a wider context, his paintings reflect a set of values and a way of life many desire today, a life perhaps of a bygone era which was more approachable and honest. 
Stephen continues to paint in his Adelaide Hills studio, working towards exhibitions as well as undertaking selected commissions. Since 1990 he has held numerous solo exhibitions around Australia and overseas.