Rachel Carroll

"The spiritual elation and response to Nature is Man's generic mark"


- Robert Bridges, The testament of Beauty





The Bird Series 
My love of painting birds has continued for many years. Many people ask me Why Birds?
After hearing a wonderful Speech by Senator Pat Dodson at the Sydney Peace talks last year I suddenly realized why I love painting birds. Birds are my way of connecting to nature and creating a dialogue with viewers that involves nature. As Pat asked - "How can we reconnect with nature?" Right now it is one of the most important questions we need to ask.
In a small way I hope my artwork takes you back to nature, to re-discover the birds in your backyard. To share the stories of your bird encounters and to note that where there are birds there is often a healthy eco-system. Maybe we could then reflect...how do we make sure they stay?
- Rachel Carroll 2016


Rachel Carroll is a Sydney based artist who has been painting for 20 years. Often Rachel seeks imagery and locations as inspiration for painting due to a locations environmental significance.