Pierre Cavalan

From an early series of works titled "We are more similar than we are different" there is a progression from imaginative, deceptively innocent and apparently uncomplicated body of work that is wonderfully and cleverly organised and highly skilful, visually and technically. The message that is inherent in the statement is so clearly evident in the works and is an important reminder to us all as human beings.

His complex art works continue to demonstrate a wonderful, creative imagination that has worked with seemingly simple materials, to create a fresh and delightful image with an important message. The idea that art should have a message or a concept has been important for over 150 years, and this works delightfully reminds us that there can indeed be a message without it needing to consist of brutalized images, anguish or deliberate ugliness, and that art, can indeed be playful, charming, attractive, beautiful, even witty and meaningful.

- Dr Carol Elvin