Naidee Changmoh


“It's been a long journey since I started to work as an artist. More than 20 years. Art has become a part of my life. It makes me survive, it makes me happy. Making art gives me freedom. I can wake up when I want to wake up, I can create when I want to create, I can go when I want to go,  I can sleep when I want to sleep. Freedom is very important for me.


I feel happy when I start to work, happy in the process, and when it is finished, I am very happy. Then I start to make another one.


I am really excited to make this exhibition. Working and exhibiting in Australia is a new thing for me. It is giving me a lot of energy to make my art. Most of the things I do, always look cute and simple and show positive thinking.


A part of my work will relate to Buddhism, the feeling of peace...”