Madeleine Winch

Madeleine Winch attracts audiences that are the envy of many artists. This is no surprise given her career has spanned thirty six years. In that time she has enjoyed no less that thirty nine solo exhibitions and countless shared and group shows within Australia and overseas.
Winch is, to her great credit, a regular finalist in the Portia Geach Award, the Sulman and Dobell Prize for Drawing and is a Kedumba Drawing Award recipient. As a result of her enduring talent her paintings, drawings, etchings, book illustrations and collographs appear in significant public collections. These include the Kedumba Collection and the Macquarie University Collection as well as collections in many regional galleries. She has been represented by esteemed commercial galleries Australia wide.

Winch's wide ranging and enduring appeal is the result of many factors. Her work is consistent, meticulously painted and sincere. The artist has refused to entertain the passing whims and trends of the art world, preferring to focus on those issues which have great valency in her own life and in the lives of others. Themes of personal intimacy inevitably inflect her work revealing her fascination with deep human relationships.

Consequently her paintings make sense both emotionally and aesthetically. Madeleine foregrounds her intellectual, emotional, and creative self in all of her works. Each painting, large or small, is a thoughtful response to the assorted experiences and difficulties inherent in being a woman, a lover, a wife, a mother, an artist and a sentient human being in the 21st century.


Dr Leigh Summers
Director, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery