Ian Mastin


"I am instinctively drawn to the effects of chiaroscuro upon the eye and mind and I'm fascinated how the juxtaposition of seemingly random shapes, texture, colour and tone have the capacity to arrest and delight the viewer in ways which are difficult to define"

I particularly enjoy working with items of simple utilitarian use - the detritus of life from earlier generations. An old, much loved and worn book or bowl can bring as much joy for me to paint as a most complex composition. Indeed, my predilection is to beget a sense of appreciation in reflecting upon old, used everyday objects which have no intrinsic value except for the richness of their history and the hands through which they have passed. In this there is a thread running back to the life of the person who crafted and used the object, though most likely now long forgotten, as well as that same thread beckoning future generations to pause a moment and consider those who have passed this way before, and of the fleeting nature of life"