Hadyn Wilson

Hadyn Wilson has been a practicing artist for more than thirty years and in that time has had over thirty solo exhibitions, both here and overseas as well as winning and being a finalist in numerous art prizes.

One of Hadyn's abiding interests has been artwork based on botanical specimens and specifically extinct plants. Over the past ten or so years, he has produced three separate exhibitions based on this project. His interest in this area has spilled over into writing and the many narrative extracts that accompany some of the images are taken from an ever increasing body of associated texts which he hopes can eventually be compiled into a substantive work in itself.

His art practise has been primarily related to themes that address environmental, social and theological issues. The painting components of these projects have been represented by historical and narrative imagery which as Hadyn explains "attempt to define our contemporary situation within the context of art history , inheritance and society, and particularly how these factors might impact on our environmental future.

Watch 'Incidental Landscape' video here.  

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