Francois Jaggi


Francois Jaggi was born in France. He completed his diploma in jewellery at the School of Arts in Geneva and then worked as a jeweller for Cartier and other well known companies in Switzerland before deciding to move to Australia where he found his passion for making sculpture.

Francois says; Australia gives me exciting and limitless possibilities in sculpture, giving me the opportunity to devote myself full time to sculpture at my studio in Armidale, NSW.

Starting with drawings he then creates the originals and then casts them in bronze or stainless steel. After the casting he finely sands and polishes them with different patinas. His wire sculptures, he welds wire returning them all to idealise form giving them light and graceful movement.

François says: "My passion and expression with sculpture is evolving every day. The understated but powerful presence of sculpture transforms the space surrounding it"

François continues to attract art collectors in Australia and around the world.