Esther Erlich

One of Australia's most respected portrait artists, Esther Erlich has a distinctive style, which includes arresting figurative works, portraits and sculpture.

Esther's style is spontaneous. It displays a touch of realism in combination with wild, bold splashes of colour and accentuated images. The provocative expression of her subject is a constant and recognisable feature of her work. Ever playful and evocative, Esther Erlich manages to capture bold scenes with a touch of irony and a hint of humour.

Best known for her portraiture, in 1998 Esther won the prestigious Doug Moran Portrait Prize, and has been a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award and the Archibald Prize multiple times. Esther won the Archibald peoples choice in 2000.

Esther Erlich's artistic career spans 28 years and she is represented in both public and private collections nationally and abroad, including the CAE Victoria, Performing Arts Museum, National Portrait Gallery, ALP Building A.C.T., and the National Library Canberra.