Eilat Rabin Rein

My sculptures are born out of my search for images that express and portray intimacies and relationships, the notion of womanhood and coupled statues. These themes have joined forces with the drive to explore motion and mood and have resulted in a fusion of both figurative and abstract images in my work.


Sculpturing with clay and its qualities of being soft, inviting and an accepting medium, enables me, to get in touch with my inner self and with my need to express myself through changing situations in my life.


My art is an integral part of which I am, it is the link between my inner and sometimes stormy being, my inner life, and the people and events of my conscious life. Each image and form is a small part of my inner perceptual world that has found its way into the open.


In the sculpture "Pear", I wanted to express inner sensuality and femininity through the shape of a Pear and to emphasize the fertility and the softness of womanhood.


In "Dance", I wanted to portray the dynamics of changes in relationships through movement. While a dance is an act of intimacy it is at the same time "power gams" over control and lead. Dance can express a variety of conflicting feelings and emotions through movement. It can display freedom of spirit, agony, anger and happiness.


In my more recent works, the "Dancer" and the "Dialogue" I tried to express more dynamics, movement and the relationship between volume, space and the notion of Womanhood and coupled shapes.


These Sculptures are as well a reflection of the activities and values that I personally cherish and love in my daily life.