Deborah Frank

I am a full-time practicing artist based in Sydney.
My degree in Fine Arts (Honours) from South Africa has been supplemented with courses, workshops and a continual exploration of the art world since my immigration to Australia 28 years ago. My art practice involves the transformation of the found and collected object and image.
These collections are an acknowledgement of self and reflect my cultural heritage and memory. The practice of manipulating the original image into my art gives the objects renewed meaning. By layering the textures and images, I am making reference to what has gone before, both in my work and in my life. 
These art pieces become a further source of inspiration to work from and this continual transition from one state of being to another is an echo of life experience and transformation.
I am constantly listening to my intuition and feelings, using my internal frame of reference which is richly infused with visual memory. By integrating collage, drawing and painting, I continue to tell my story through imagery that is both familiar and abstract.