Ann Gordon


Ann Gordon is interested in the interplay between the urban environment and nature. Particularly the way birds interact with city life. Street art continues to be a source of inspiration and is often incorporated into her paintings. Combining photography and collage, painting and drawing. Within the layering process of encaustic, complete paintings emerge. Often painting birds within her artworks, Ann aims to highlight conflicting stories within the urban landscapes as well as portraying human characteristics and emotion. Her aim is to express the complexity of our environments by exploring the competing relationships between nature, the city life and structures and ultimately ourselves.


Ann was a designer in publishing before deciding to follow her calling as a painter and multimedia artist. After completing her honours degree in Visual Communications, Ann had a successful career as Art Director of many of Australia’s leading publications such as Rolling Stone, Juice, Cleo, B Magazine, Donna Hay and Donna Hay Books. Since 2004, Ann has featured in Art Sydney, Melbourne Art Show as well as being invited to exhibit in a selection of group and solo exhibitions.