Anjum Ayaz

Whatever there is, or there is to be-it is there to see, to touch, to taste, to smell, to hear, to feel, to imagine or to see visions about. Whatever there is or there is to be - the crux is the form - which seeks permanence in its inherent movement, changing shapes, assuming dimensions in the transient process.

How to grasp it, comprehend it - the challenge evoked this search, exploration. To me form is perpetually kinetic in term of spatial variations, hitting the sensibility from all possible angles, refraction of retina acting as medium.

To me constant is stagnation. Movement makes meaning pragmatic, change opens up new horizons. Form is a complete entity, pregnant with meaning, touching the orbits of totality. It ultimately leads towards the finality of its meaning.

After my Exhibition in Paris things have changed a lot, things are ever changing internal pressures, external pulls are so pressing that to me form has become the final reality-an experience which took so long to crystallize into ultimate realization of truth.

Experimentation is a constant probe-with countless probable possibilities - let me see what happens next.