Alan Somerville

Alan Somerville is a figurative artist, whose sculptures and drawings are steeped in the expressionistic style of Rodin, Degas and Daumier. Somerville’s grasp of shape and form is as self-evident as is his dynamic depiction and romantic notion of the human anatomy. These qualities are borne from his uncompromising dedication and understanding of the physical structure, movement and expression of the figure or composition. His work seeks to capture a dignity which emanates within, the subject and is never static. Somerville’s body of work is both broad and critically acclaimed. His numerous public works include the two iconic Bronze Diggers on Sydney’s Anzac Bridge, the Bull at World Square, Sir Henry Parkes in Centennial Park, Sir Roden Cutler, at Manly, and the three bronze sculptures at the Australian War Memorial. Plus countless private commissions in Australia and abroad.



As a figurative sculptor I aim to capture the essence of the subject based on strong form. Movement, energy and emotion are very important. I strive for these qualities in my work and value them above absolute anatomical correctness and overworked highly detailed finishing which often destroys spontaneity and feeling. Good art and sculpture should test the viewer's imagination.