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Adrian Lockhart

Adrian Lockhart is inspired by a long list of artists but he says he has a particular interest in works that tend towards abstraction. Of Australian artists he cites the etchings of Fred Williams and the earlier, semi-abstract of works of Brett Whiteley as influences.

With his love of surfing and drawing, Adrian's appreciation for the beauty of the human form and the changing moods of the ocean are reflected in his seaside-themed pictures. Using expressive lines that flow like the tides and a minimal palette of soft washes, Lockhart conjures the relaxed atmosphere of a day by the sea with sensual figures that languidly wade in the water, stroll along the shoreline and sunbake on the sand. Of particular interest to him is the movement of the wading figure, a subject he has been working with for a few years.

"There's a way people go into the water. When they enter the water, there's a freshness, the way they sort of dance. It's very poetic. It's like ballet."

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